EasyPark Mobile launched in Bermuda

Hamilton, Bermuda - September 11, 2013 - Agility Ltd is pleased to announce that drivers in the city can now pay for parking using their mobile phones with its newest service, EasyPark Mobile. The Mayor of Hamilton, Mr. Graeme Outerbridge, stated, "The City of Hamilton Council is very happy that EasyPark continues to revolutionize parking in Bermuda. This new service gives motorists who drive into the city an easy option for payment wherever they park their vehicles".
According to Mr. Danny Faria, EasyPark's General Manager, "EasyPark Mobile (another PARX Ltd based solution) brings all the benefits of the EasyPark Meters and more. With its added convenience, customers can use EasyPark Mobile as their stand alone parking solution or as a complement to their EasyPark Meter."
New and existing customers can register for an EasyPark Mobile account online atwww.easypark.bm , and then select EasyPark Mobile from the main menu items and follow the instructions in our EasyPark Mobile Guide. Similar to the EasyPark Meter, EasyPark Mobile is a prepaid service. Therefore, to use the service customers must first subscribe to one of our plans: consumer standard - for regular parkers, or: consumer casual - for infrequent parkers; based on the number of vehicles (license plate numbers) they want to use. Once you've subscribed to a plan, update your license plate and mobile number details; and then top up your EasyPark Mobile virtual account.
To park using EasyPark mobile, customers MUST display the complimentary EasyPark Mobile sticker on the left-hand side of their windscreen to ensure parking wardens are aware they are using EasyPark Mobile; and thereby avoid a parking citation. Parking wardens have remote access to the EasyPark Mobile parking system in order to fulfil their compliance function(s). EasyPark Mobile stickers can be collected from the following locations:
1.     City Hall Administration Office
2.     CellOne Retail outlets in Hamilton, Somerset and St. George's
3.     EasyPark Office, 63 Pitt's Bay Road, between Bacardi International and the Rosedon Hotel
Once you're registered to EasyPark Mobile, there are three primary ways to pay for parking, all of which are interchangeable for starting and ending parking sessions:
1.     Text messaging (or SMS) 777-PARK (777-7275), which is by far the simplest and quickest method to pay for parking. The SMS service is powered by our wireless partner, CellOne.
"CellOne is proud to be the network of choice for EasyPark Mobile", says Frank Amaral, CellOne's CEO. "More and more people on the island are turning to their mobile devices to take care of their everyday needs. CellOne's network coverage and 4G speeds enable consumers to complete these daily tasks with ease."
To start a parking session using SMS, customers simply text start followed by the city and zone codes. For example, to start a parking session for Hamilton street parking (City 01 Zone 01), the user would send the text "START 01 01" to 777-7275. To end the parking session the user simply sends the text "STOP". A confirmation text is sent to the user for both starting and ending a parking session, in addition to optional end of parking session SMS reminders.
2.     Using the EasyPark Mobile smart phone parking application.
The EasyPark Mobile application is available for iPhone (iOS 5 or higher) and Android (Android 1.6 or higher) devices; and is available for download at the iTunes store and Google play. To start a parking session using the smart phone parking application:
1.     Enter your username and password
2.     Select city and zone number (if using a daily parking zone, enter the number of days you wish to park).
3.     Press "Start" button.
To end a parking session, press the Finish button.
The EasyPark Mobile smart phone application provides additional features you can use directly from your phone including: parking and billing history, reminders, city information and parking rate/zone look up.
3.     Using the Pay by phone service (or IVR-interactive voice recognition), by calling 400-PARK (400-7275) or 542-PARK (542-7275). To start a parking session using the smart phone parking application:
1.     Dial 400-PARK (400-7275) or 542-PARK (542-7275)
2.     Follow the prompts to select city and zone number using dial pad and confirm your selection by pressing 1.
To End parking session dial 400-PARK (400-7275) or 542-PARK (542-7275) again and follow the prompts for ending your current parking session. A confirmation text is also sent to the user for both starting and ending a pay by phone parking session, in addition to optional end of parking session SMS reminders.
Mr. Faria commented that the EasyPark Mobile service is also now available for use by customers for parking at the L.F. Wade International Airport. There is no need to discontinue the use of your EasyPark Meter; however, for the purpose of long-term parking at the L.F. Wade International Airport, customers should consider registering to the EasyPark Mobile service in order to take advantage of one key benefit, the ability to extend parking time remotely while travelling.  Aaron Adderley, General Manager of the Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport, stated, "the new Easy Park Mobile service will provide our travellers with an added level of convenience that we very much welcome."
Mr. Faria also noted that after customers become familiar with this new service EasyPark would look to set a timeline for the discontinued use of the EasyPark Meters, for long-term parking only, at the L.F. Wade International Airport. Further announcements on this discontinuance will be made in due course.
For more information on how to set up and use EasyPark Mobile, please see Customer Support on EasyPark's website (www.easypark.bm ).
About EasyPark
Agility Ltd, a Bermuda company, provides innovative information systems software and hardware products and consulting services, including digital compliance and electronic payments solutions, in Bermuda and the Caribbean. 
Agility is a master distributor and operator of parking solutions provided by On Track Innovations Ltd's subsidiary, PARX Ltd. For more information on Easy Park, visit our website www.easypark.bm .
About PARX Ltd
PARX Ltd. is a subsidiary of On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI) responsible for marketing, operating and distributing advanced parking solutions, including the Easy Park(tm) product, in international markets.
To find our more about EasyPark Mobile and related services and fees, please visitwww.easypark.bm .
About CellOne (Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd.)
CellOne is Bermuda's premier wireless services provider. Since 1999, the company has been committed to providing its customers with innovative products, superior network coverage and the best customer service island wide. CellOne offers a variety of voice, text and data plans, alongside Bermuda's widest range of cell phones, Smartphones and tablets. In 2011, the company launched its 4G HSPA+ 21 MB/s network and it remains the largest and fastest wireless network in Bermuda.
For more information visit www.cellone.bm or find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cellonebermuda ) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/cellonebda )



Portsmouth, NH with neighbor Dover create the first Multi-City program in the U.S. to use EasyPark for public parking needs

Iselin, NJ,  April 8, 2013 - On Track Innovations Ltd. (“OTI”) (NASDAQ GM: OTIV) announce
d today that the City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire is implementing the EasyPark™ electronic  parking payment and information system in the City, joining its neighboring city Dover in creating the first regional program in the U.S. to use EasyPark. The EasyPark device enables its users to park interchangeably in both cities. 

Portsmouth is a Northeast tourist destination with over 2,500 off-street and on-street public parking spaces in its downtown, follows neighboring city Dover – as well as other cities and colleges, such as UC Davis and the City of Austin - in adopting EasyPark as their parking payment solution.  To sign up for the EasyPark program in New Hampshire go to:https://easyparkusa.com/register.  

“Like many of our neighboring cities and towns, convenient access to our commercial districts and waterfront areas is important to our residents and business owners,” said Tom Cocchiaro, Portsmouth parking operations supervisor. “EasyPark was a logical addition to the solutions we’re developing for our residents who want an easier way to pay for parking.”

EasyPark is designed to provide municipalities with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their parking information and payment needs. EasyPark allows drivers to use an online account to pay for parking without having to pay a meter. All a driver has to do is select the city and parking zone on the EasyPark device and place it in the vehicle in the designated location, according to the city’s requirements. No searching for coins or walking back and forth to a pay and display terminal.  The device can be easily connected to the online account via a computer and the internet to load additional funds or download new parking-related information.

Designed to work within the budget constraints of municipalities, EasyPark allows municipalities to retain 100% of parking revenues while providing drivers with a convenient parking payment solution. As the most advanced, leading parking meter-free system, it is already widely-adopted by municipalities around the world.

The EasyPark™ system is perfect for municipalities as it allows for:
Multiple municipalities to use one device
Cost effective, modular implementation
No additional investment in infrastructure required
No maintenance or overhead costs like other systems
May provide additional revenues to the municipality
An easy and convenient solution for drivers

EasyPark eliminates the hassle for a driver to find a working meter, look for coins and then return to their vehicle with a receipt to place on their dashboard. EasyPark enables drivers to simply park and go.


EasyPark Enforcement

Easy Park EnforcementOn-street parking inspection is a complicated but rewarding task if being handled correctly. Without a strict and clear parking enforcement policy, backed by city regulations, there will be a total traffic chaos in city centers. Usually the main motivation of 'Greenfield' municipalities in regulating  "on-street" parking activity is the need to get city traffic in order, to avoid illegal parking on pavements, junctions, 
double parking etc, that are clogging the streets and creating traffic hazards, traffic congestion and air pollution.

Traditional enforcement equipment is based on heavy hand held terminals, connected to a printer hanged on the inspector's waist-belt. These devices, as sophisticated as they may be, are expensive to own, heavy to carry and clumsy

EasyPark Enforcement is a smartphone-based solution for on-street parking enforcement. Using a standard Smartphone, the parking officer can easily verify the parking event and print a violation ticket if needed .All enforcement activity can be monitored in "real time" assuring efficent managment of
the parking officers activity.


EasyPark Analytics - A true revolution in the parking industry

Data is the driving force behind any management decision and parking management is no exception. 

Present tools for generating parking information include doing parking surveys and occupancy sensors and both  tools are extremely expensive .In the case of parking survey the data is not up to date while with parking occupancy sensor the cost of the equipment and the associated  maintenance  makes it impossible to install parking sensors unless it is at city center where parking demand is at its peak

Parx brings to the market a unique approach which is based on the latest technology in mobile telephony and Smart Phone applications The following graph provides actual data depicting  parking occupancy without using a single sensor or parking survey !

                            Distribution of parking occupancy in 4 streets along the day 

Using our technology we can analyze not only parking occupancy but also generate information correlating  parking data with (anonymous) information conceding the driver (s) place of residence .Doing so we are able to tell for example what percentage of the drivers in a specific street are residents of this street and where are the other drivers coming from providng this way invaluable information for planning purposes

 Picture 20

                                           Parking information on a single driver 
                                                 arround his place of residency 

Additional information that can be provided using EasyPark Analytic include:

  • Duration of parking (is there a good rotation of vehicles and if not, why)
  • Average occupancy along the day/week
  • Who is parking in each street (residents or non-residents)
  • Identify streets with high non-payment rates
  • Identify illegal parking spots with high de-facto parking violations (to send a parking attendant to issue tickets)
  • Better focus of enforcement resources on problematic streets
  • How much time it will take a user to find a parking place
  • Evaluate the impact of any change to parking/traffic arrangements

If you would like to hear more on this exciting techcnology please contact us! 

Easy Park Private

The Problem

Picture 23

There is a growing shortage of parking spaces in large urban centers worldwide caused by the constant rise of number of vehicles competing on same limited parking resources. Accordingly, the prices of parking continue to rise.
Small Easy Park Private Reservation Screen

The solution

In many cities, there are a lot of residential and private parking spaces that are free most of the time, when their owners are off for their work etc.

EasyPark Private provides a smart market place to match between private parking spaces owners who wish to lease them by the hour when they are not i
n use, and drivers who wish to secure a parking space for their vehicle with reasonable cost.

Private parking spaces owners can list their spaces and their availability instructions on the EasyPark Private system in cities where it was launched. Drivers will download a smartphone app and will register to the system, providing a payment method such as a credit card. The system will then refer drives to nearby private parking spaces that are made available by their owners when they are not in use. Drivers can even book a parking space in advance via their smart phone.

The EasyPark Private  system is settling the fee collection from the drivers and the payment to the parking spaces owners on a fixed hourly rate basis.